How Do You Install a Cultured Marble Shower?


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To install cultured marble in the shower, prep the walls, template the panels, cut the pieces, and install the marble by using a silicone adhesive. It takes approximately 24 hours for the adhesive to cure, so use a brace during that time to keep the panels from falling.

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Prepping the walls is the first step with the cultured marble installation project, and the best installations occur on a cement backerboard. Remove drywall from the shower area, and place a plastic sheet over the studs to prevent swelling. Screw the backerboard to the surround, and then apply primer.

Take the cultured marble and template it to the shower surround using a cardboard box. Place the box on the walls of the shower, making sure to mark where the shower head and valves are. Put the template on the marble, and then cut the sheets with a saw and diamond blade.

After cutting the marble, test that the panels fit into the space, and use a level and pencil to make a line on the top of each panel to show where to place them. If all the panels fit, remove them, and then cover the walls with silicone adhesive in a serpentine shape. Line up the sheets with the pencil mark, and then press the panels into place. Smooth these sheets up to the wall, and press the sheet to help it adhere.

To brace the sheets, place long pieces of wood with cardboard between the panel and wood to avoid scratching. After 24 hours, remove the bracing, and begin to caulk around each panel. Allow this caulk to dry for 24 hours before using the shower.

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