How Do You Install Crown Molding Around Your Kitchen Cabinets?


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Installing crown molding around a kitchen cabinet involves obtaining the cabinet measurements, installing a wood strip on top of the cabinet, cutting the moldings to the cabinet measurements, nailing the molding on the wood strip and filling the nail holes. Sanding and painting the molding surface is also necessary. Be sure to cut the moldings accurately and apply paint that matches the cabinet color.

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Using a tape measure, determine the length, width and depth of the cabinet, and record the measurements. To install the wood strip, set the strip on the cabinet's top edge, and secure it in place with finishing nails. Using a meter saw, piece the crown moldings to the cabinet dimensions, taking care to refer to the measurement record for accuracy. Be accurate when cutting angles for better results.

Next, set the cut moldings over the wood strip, and secure them in place with finishing nails. Fill the holes created from nailing with wood filler. Dampen a rag, use it to wipe away excess filler from the holes, and allow the filler to dry. Prepare the molding surface for painting by smoothing it with sandpaper and wiping away the dust generated from sanding with a rag. Finally, apply paint to the crown moldings, and allow the surface to dry.

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