How Do You Install Crank Out Windows?

How Do You Install Crank Out Windows?

Homeowners can install a crank-out window with a hammer, nails, putty knife, pry bar, nail puller, saw, caulk, metal tape, insulation, wood trim, shims and aluminum tape. Installing a crank window is much the same as installing any other type of window and involves removing the old window, leveling the frame and placing the crank-out window.

Follow the steps below to install a crank-out window.

  1. Remove the old window
  2. Remove the casings around the window inside and outside of the house with a nail puller, pry bar and putty knife. Lift the old window out of the opening.

  3. Prepare the window opening
  4. Cut away part of the house siding all around the window opening to accommodate the new window's trim. Nail strips of plywood inside the opening to make it smaller, but only if the opening is too big. Apply aluminum tape along the top face of the window framing where the siding was cut away. Apply metal tape to the bottom face of the window opening.

  5. Level the opening
  6. Check that the inside frame is perfectly level. If not, tack in a few aluminum-backed wood shims to make the bottom level. ?

  7. Place the window
  8. Place the window into the frame. If it comes with a nail flange, bend the flange down 90 degrees before placing the window. Check the window to ensure it is plumb and level. Place shims between the window and the frame to secure. Nail the flange down and top the flange with metal tape.

  9. Add the trim
  10. Cut eight pieces of wood trim to fit the window. Push some fiberglass insulation between the window and the frame to prevent drafts. Nail the trim in place around the window facing inside and out. Add a bead of caulk between the trim and the window. Snap or push the hand crank arm onto the crank operator and test the window.