How Do You Install a Country Kitchen Sink?


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Install a country kitchen sink by cutting the required gap in the existing cabinets and building the support frame for the sink. Use decking screws and construction adhesive to hold the framework in place. The process requires several hours and experience in advanced do-it-yourself projects.

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  1. Cut the gap in the counter top and face

    Refer to the sink instructions to determine the size of opening to make. Use a reciprocating saw to make the rough cut. The apron of the new sink provides some trim to cover the raw edges of the cut made for installation.

  2. Provide adequate support

    Unlike other sinks that the counter top supports, country sinks receive support from the framework. When full of water, they weigh up to 300 pounds. Be sure to provide the support recommended by the manufacturer.

  3. Test the fit

    Enlist a helper to set the sink in place. With a properly cut opening, the entire weight of the sink is supported by the framework underneath. If the sink hangs on the counter top or wood faceplate, remove it and trim the material as needed to ensure proper fit.

  4. Install the sink

    Use shims to ensure the sink is level in all directions. Fasten the sink in place, and use caulk to fill any gaps.

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