How Do You Install Countertops?


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To install a kitchen countertop, pick the desired material, measure the space, cut the countertop material and then lay it in place. Finally, adhere the countertop and seal the seams.

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  1. Select the countertop material

    Select the desired countertop material based on the use and aesthetics you want to achieve. Consult with a professional for advice if needed.

  2. Measure the space

    Measure the space for the countertop, allowing an inch and a half for overhang where required. Leave room for adjustments, such as for the sink.

  3. Cut the material

    Use your measurements to cut the appropriate size countertop material. Remove cabinet drawers to make installation easier.

  4. Lay the countertop

    Lay the countertop material, ensuring that it fits well on the desired location. Shim any necessary areas, and check that the countertop is level.

  5. Attach the countertop

    Use the manufacturer’s preferred adhesive to fix the countertop in place. Be sure to use temporary sealant, in addition to a stronger adhesive, for granite countertops. Use a silicon adhesive when attaching granite to wood.

  6. Seal the seams

    Use color matching silicone to seal the seams once the countertop has been secured into place. Check that the surface is level. Gently knock the higher side into place if needed. Spray the surface with a spray sealant for a final seal.

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