How Do You Install Countertop Stoves?


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To install a countertop stove, choose a suitable location in the kitchen, measure and cut the counter space, secure the stove in the space with screws, and connect it to the electric power or gas. Switch on and test the stove to complete this process.

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Start by choosing a location of installation that is out of the way, taking note of a hood and electric power supply space. If you're installing a gas countertop stove, choose a spot that is closest to the gas supply. Once you've selected a suitable location, clear any objects from the counter. Measure and mark the counter space with a measuring tape and marker respectively.

Open the cupboard where you intend to install your stove by prying the counter from the frame with a pry bar. Take care to avoid gouging the counter frame. Using a saw, cut around the perimeter mark so there is a 2-inch allowance around the stove. Remove the cut counter, hammer the remaining one in place, and place in the stove. Secure the stove to the counter with screws, and install any accompanying hardware.

To connect the stove to the electric power or gas supply, first turn off the supply before connecting the stove. If necessary, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for guidance on connection. Finally, switch on, and test the countertop stove.

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