How Do You Install Couch Springs?


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To install couch springs, turn the couch over so the springs are accessible. Remove any fabric, mesh covering and top wire framing. If the couch has old springs, remove these springs by cutting them out of the tape-web, then remove the existing tape-web. Measure the length of the tape-web and count the allotted springs on each strip of tape-web. Cut the new springs to the proper height and attach them to the new tape-web with a slipknot. Reinstall the tape-web.

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To get the proper length of coil spring, measure the height from the top to the bottom of the couch or of an old spring. Use a piece of twine to tie a slipknot to the coil with a single loop around the rim of a coil. Loop the twine diagonally through the coil and around the coil corner. After this, secure the loops through the tape-web.

When the coils are secured onto the tape-web, cut other lengths of twine to secure the coils to one another, creating an outside assemblage. Use tacks or staples to fasten these springs to the inside edge of the couch frame closest to the padded portion of the couch. The pull each strip of tape-web to the edge of the bottom of the frame until taut over the couch's frame. Cut away any excess tape-web.

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