How Do You Install Corrugated Plastic Roof Sheets?


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Installing corrugated plastic roof sheets involves preparing the roof for the sheets, trimming the sheets to the dimensions of the roof and attaching the sheets to the roof with roofing fasteners. Sealing any gaps with silicone caulk completes the process. Use molding strips, a drill, silicone sealant, roofing fasteners and garden shears or a fine-toothed saw to complete this task. A hammer, galvanized nails, a measuring tape and a ladder are also handy.

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Preparing the roof involves adjusting the steepness of the roof by nailing the molding strips to the roof's rafters to facilitate water runoff. Proper roof steepness should be 1 inch or more per foot. Using the measuring tape, determine the measurements of the roof, and cut the sheets according to the roof's size, taking care to allow for any overlaps.

Before attaching the sheets to the roof, use the drill to make the fastener holes on the roof, taking care to ensure that the diameter of the holes is slightly bigger than that of the fasteners, in order to facilitate expansion of the fasteners due to heating. After drilling the holes, lay the first sheet over the roof, and secure it in place with the fasteners. Lay a second sheet so it overlaps with the first one, and fasten it in place as well. Repeat the process for the remaining sheets before applying the sealant.

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