How Do You Install a Corrugated Metal Roof?


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Installing a corrugated metal roof is a major undertaking which typically involves a team of roofers and requires corrugated metal panels, ridge caps, a circular saw, a claw hammer, measuring tools like a chalk line and measuring tape, a multitool or utility knife and 3-inch sheet metal roofing nails. Panels are 6 feet long on average and 36 to 48 inches wide.

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Metal roofing is extremely resistant to the ravages of cold weather. It is also recyclable, which is a characteristic that wooden and tar shingle roofing cannot boast.

  1. Measure the slope and roof ridge
  2. The length of the roof's ridge determines the number of rows of columns needed to fully protect the roof. The height of the roof's slope determines the number of columns. Leave wiggle room by allowing for some overlap.

  3. Nail the sheets into place
  4. Drive roofing nails through the corrugations of the sheets at 8-inch intervals around the edge for a total of 20 nails per sheet. Save nailing the uppermost edge until the next row has been overlapped in order to save materials and create a more secure roof.

  5. Install ridge caps
  6. Once both slopes of the roof are covered and only the roof ridge is left exposed, nail ridge caps into place to complete the roof's seal. These sections of ridge cap should use approximately 40 nails apiece. Once the cap is in place, the roof is complete.

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