How Do You Install Cornices?

How Do You Install Cornices?

Installing a cornice involves centering the cornice, installing the brackets and hanging the cornice on the wall. A cornice adds depth to any room and is easy enough for anyone to install.

By taking proper measurements, homeowners can ensure an even and easy cornice installation.

  1. Measure and center the cornice
  2. Measure the cornice and the window. Hold the cornice over the window and mark the location with a pencil.

  3. Install the brackets
  4. Install two or three "L" brackets, depending on the length of the cornice. Attach the brackets to the cornice board using a drill.

  5. Hang the cornice
  6. Hammer the anchors to the wall. Hold the cornice board up to the anchor and attach one corner at a time using a drill and screws.

Another project using cornice board involves making a cornice box. A cornice box adds another dimension to a window and is easy to make.

  1. Measure the frame
  2. Measure the interior width of the window and add four inches to the measurement. Mark two one-by-eight boards at the desired length.

  3. Cut the frame
  4. Use a square to draw a straight line on the marks. Cut the wood to the appropriate length using a circular saw.

  5. Glue the front and the top
  6. Apply wood glue to one edge of a one-by-eight board to the other piece. Secure it with wood screws.

  7. Make the end cap
  8. Measure and cut the end cap out of the scrap board. Using a circular saw, cut the piece to make it fit.

  9. Secure the end cap
  10. Glue the end cap to the end of the cornice box. Secure it with wood screws. Repeat for the other side of the box.

  11. Apply batting
  12. Spray the finished box with spray adhesive. Apply batting while avoiding creating wrinkles or bubbles. Remove any excess batting and secure the rest with a stapler.

  13. Attach the brackets
  14. Determine the position of the cornice on the window; using a level, mark the holes for the brackets. Attach them with two-inch wood screws.

  15. Secure the cornice
  16. Place the cornice on the brackets and secure it with half-inch wood screws.