How Do You Install Corner Molding?


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Molding adds an enhanced decor to your walls. However, the process of installing molding requires patience. Thankfully, with the correct tools, the installation of corner molding can be successfully achieved. The tools required for installing corner molding include molding pieces, pencil, protractor, circular saw, finish nails, drill, hammer, fine grit sandpaper, coping saw and a plane.

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First, identify the type of corner you are working with. Whether it is an inner or outer corner determines how you install the molding.

For an outer corner, cut a molding piece at a 45 degree angle. Cut an adjoining piece at an opposite 45 degree angle. To determine these angles, measure the angles with a protractor. Make your cuts with a circular saw.

Hold the two pieces against the corner where they are to be installed. Check to see if they fit well. If not, trim the piece from back to front with a plane and metal file. For small adjustments, use a piece of fine grit sandpaper to smooth it over.

Once the molding fits, use a drill to make holes in the wall where you are going to install the outer corner molding. Nail the piece into place with finish nails. Use short taps of the hammer to nail the piece into place.

For inner corner molding pieces, install the first piece of molding. Then, trace the shape you need onto the back of the second piece. Cut out this pattern with a coping saw. Check to see if the piece fits and make adjustments accordingly with a metal file. Drill holes into the wall where the piece is to be installed, and fix the piece into place with finishing nails.

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