How Do You Install Corner Guards for a Refrigerator?


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The best way to install corner guards for a refrigerator is by using a heavy-duty adhesive or screws, depending on the space. If using an adhesive, the corner guards should be left to set for a few minutes so the adhesive can dry.

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Before applying the corner guards, the walls and refrigerator need to be cleaned and free of any dirt, oils or grease. The best way to achieve this is by using a strong cleaning agent. Once the walls and fridge are clean, it needs to be determined what type of corner guard is best for the space. A few common examples of corner guards include three-sided corner guards, flash mount corner guards and stainless steel corner guards. Next, it needs to be determined if a heavy-duty adhesive or screws need to be used, depending on the material of the corner guard.

If using an adhesive makes sense, it should be applied in a zigzag pattern along the wing portion of the corner guard. Once the guards are mounted, they need to sit untouched for a few minutes to ensure security. If tougher material corner guards are needed, such as stainless steel, screws should be used to keep them in place. Screws can be secured with either a drill or screwdriver.

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