How Do You Install Concrete Anchor Leads?


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Use concrete anchor leads to attach other materials to concrete. In addition to the anchor and appropriate screw, gather a drill with the required masonry bit, safety glasses, a hammer and an appropriately sized wrench to tighten the bolt.

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How Do You Install Concrete Anchor Leads?
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  1. Select the appropriate anchor

    Lead anchors come in several designs and sizes. Select an appropriately sized anchor to support the load you are attaching to the concrete. Avoid using an undersized anchor that may break under the load, leaving a hole too large to reattach the item properly.

  2. Mark the location

    Place the item you are attaching to the concrete in position and mark the location of the anchor. For greatest strength, the position the anchor a distance of at least five times its diameter from the edge of the concrete. Avoid placing two anchors within a distnace of 10 times their diameter to prevent breaking concrete.

  3. Install the anchor

    Remove the item and drill the marked holes. Drill the hole to a depth at which the anchor is flush with the concrete. Place the anchor in position, and tap it into place with a hammer if necessary.

  4. Attach the article

    Move the item back into place. Insert the hex nut through the attachment and into the anchor. Tighten the hex nut using an appropriately sized wrench.

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