How Do You Install a Coleman Furnace?


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Plugging the furnace in and ensuring sufficient well-maintained ductwork is connected are basic steps to installing a Coleman furnace. These units are designed to be installed in an open space or an area with a recess; the placement of the furnace plays a vital role in the unit’s heat distribution.

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Prior to installing the furnace, safety and air circulation needs must be considered. Installing the unit at the center of the house is ideal for better heat distribution and more retention of heat. In the case of multiple rooms, place the furnace closer to the bedrooms. The Coleman electric furnace is easy to hook up to existing ductwork and electrical connections.

Switch off the electricity. Plug in the new electric furnace into the outlet. Fasten the supply duct to the flange on the outlet side of the furnace cabinet. Connect the return duct to the bottom of the unit using metal screws. Install the condensate drain causing no obstruction to the filter.

Connect the drain lines to the fittings. Connect the refrigerant lines to the coil and take off the rubber plugs from the refrigerant connections. Braze the refrigerant connections and then re-install the tubing plate and the coil door. Place a gasket over the suction lines and liquid lines, thus sealing the coil. Test the electric furnace to ensure that the connections are secure and safe.

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