How Do I Install a Closet Pole?

How Do I Install a Closet Pole?

To install a closet pole, mark the height of the pole, and attach cleat boards to the closet side walls at that height. Attach pole mounting brackets to each cleat board 10 inches from the rear closet wall. Set the hanging pole in the brackets.

  1. Mark the height for the pole

    Use your longest garment to determine how high you want to hang the pole. Make small marks at the same height on either side of the closet to show the height for installation.

  2. Find closet studs

    Use a stud finder to determine where the studs are on either side of the closet, and mark their locations on the wall.

  3. Prepare and mount cleats

    Cut two 3/4-inch boards to the length of the closet to serve as cleats. Hold each board against a side wall of the closet, and mark the location of the studs on each board. Drill pilot holes in the cleats at the marks. Attach the cleats to either side of the closet at the pole height marks with wood screws.

  4. Attach hanging rod mounting brackets

    Measure, and mark 10 inches from the back of the closet on each cleat. Use screws to attach a hanging rod mounting bracket on each cleat.

  5. Place the pole in the brackets

    For adjustable poles, compress the pole until it is the correct length, and then place it in the brackets. For other poles, cut with a hack saw to the proper length, and set the pole in place.