How do you install clear plastic corrugated roofing?


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Install clear plastic corrugated roofing on a two-by-six framework with crossbracing. Install closure strips over each crossbrace and overlap each new panel at least one corrugation. Predrill all nail holes and use 1-inch screws or nails to attach each panel to the crossbrace. Installation is similar to that of corrugated metal but allows light transmission.

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These clear panels allow sunlight to pass through while providing protection from the weather. They work well on patios to provide protection from the rain without blocking the sunlight. In greenhouses, they allow the light to pass through and trap the heat energy to protect plants from the dangers of frost.

Some polycarbonate panels include ultraviolet light filters that protect them from damage from the sun. These panels have the protection applied to only one side. Always install these panels according to the manufacturer's directions, as installing the unprotected side out causes rapid deterioration due to exposure to UV light.

Cut the panels using a hand or power saw. Use a fine-toothed blade for cutting. When installing panels using screws with neoprene washers, tighten the screw until the washer stops turning. Then tighten the screw one additional turn.

When installing panels, use planking and ladders to support your weight. The planking distributes the weight over the panel and support structure preventing the weight from breaking through the roofing.

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