How Do You Install a Clapper Light Switch?

Install a Clapper light switch by plugging the clapper into a power outlet and then plugging the lamp or lighting that it is to control into the Clapper. One Clapper can accommodate up to two lamps or lighting cords.

The Clapper and similar devices help those who have hard time getting up to turn lights on and off. The Clapper is popular with elderly and disabled individuals who can clap loud enough to trigger the device. Clappers also have an Away mode that makes the lights come on if someone tries to enter your home or business.

One of the major complaints about the Clapper is its failure to register claps that are not performed loudly enough. To combat this, the manufacturer has included a feature that allows the Clapper to adjust to pick up lighter claps. Some users report problems when the Clapper is used in areas that are somewhat noisy. If installed in noisy areas, the lights may come on or go off when these actions are not desired.

Clappers can also be used through voice commands or a clicking device if someone is unable to clap loudly enough. Clappers also work with ceiling fan lights and can control hard-to-reach fans.