How Do You Install a Circuit Breaker Panel?


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To install a circuit breaker panel, turn off the power, locate the mounting spot, fix the panel in place, run the cable, and switch on the power. You need a screwdriver, wood screws, a stud finder and a circular saw to complete the project. A drill with screwdriver bit and carpenter's level are also handy in the installation.

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Purchase the desired circuit breaker panel. Contact the appropriate authorities before installing the breaker panel. Choose a position that is easily accessible and far from moisture. Have the shortest adult in the house stand beside the place you intend to install the panel, and use marking tape to designate the point at eye level. Switch off power to the breaker panel, and fix or hang in place the breaker panel.

Use a stud finder to find wall studs if you are working on a finished wall, align the screw holes behind the panel with the wall studs, level the panel, and secure the panel in place with a screwdriver and wood screws, leaving space to route the cable. Drill holes through the wall studs if necessary.

Pass the cable through the wall studs. Fix the cable on the surface if installing the cable on a finished wall. Peel off the insulation from the end of the cable with a cable stripper, and plug it in the panel breaker. Switch on power, and test the installation.

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