How Do You Install a Checkerboard Garage Floor?


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Create a checkerboard pattern on a garage floor by using epoxy coatings of two contrasting colors. Paint the floor with the lighter color first, then use painter's tape to create a template for applying the second color without getting it on the first. A bonus addition with the epoxy finish is its resistance to oil and grease stains.

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Prepare the concrete by cleaning it thoroughly and then scrubbing with a rotary floor cleaner and a highly alkaline cleaner. Next, clean it with an acidic cleaner. The change in pH causes a shock to the concrete so it releases any oils. The acid wash also opens pores to ensure proper adhesion of the epoxy finish.

Apply two coats of the lighter epoxy to the concrete, following the manufacturer's directions for the waiting time between coats. After the second coat dries a minimum of 12 hours, lay out the checkerboard pattern with the tape and paper covering the light squares that you are not painting. Walk on the covered squares to paint the darker ones. Begin at the edge nearest the tape and work toward the center with the paint roller. Remove the tape and paper from the lighter squares to reveal the custom garage floor.

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