How Do You Install a Check Valve?


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To install a check valve on a PVC pipe, take measurements, clean the pipe, apply the primer, glue the ends and join the valves. If the installation is correct, it should not be necessary to regularly repair the check valve in the future.

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To start the process of installing a check valve, correctly measure the pipe before cutting. Use a tape measure, and mark about 4 inches from the end of the pipe. Cut here with a PVC cutter. After making the cut, remove the burrs on the ends of the pipe with sandpaper or a pocket knife. Also, use a clean cloth to wipe off the remaining burrs after sanding or cutting, which also gets rid of dirt and hidden burrs.

A primer is a solution that softens the pipes and eases the installation. After the installation, the pipe hardens to normal. Use a brush to apply primer to the interior parts of the pipe first, and then apply it to the outer part. Take the ends with the primer, and apply glue around the inside. Place the end with the glue into the check value, and turn it to allow the glue to reach all areas. Hold the pipes together for approximately 10 minutes to allow a bond to form.

Again, using the primer, soften the inside of the check valve's inlet side, and then add glue. Join the pieces together, and hold them for about 10 minutes. To test the valves, run water through the pipes to ensure that there are no leaks.

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