How Do You Install a Chamberlain Garage Door?

How Do You Install a Chamberlain Garage Door?

Chamberlain does not make garage doors, but its garage door openers are easy to install and require a ladder, step stool, socket wrench and sockets, both a Philips and flathead screwdriver, drill, tape measure, drill bits, wire cutters, pliers, level, hammer, wrench and a hacksaw. Some installers recommend having a cellphone or camera on hand so that a photo of the wiring can be taken and used for reference, but this is not a required step.

The final assembly can vary depending on the model of Chamberlain garage door opener that is purchased, but overall instructions basics are the same. Follow the steps below to install one of the company's openers.

  1. Assemble the rail
  2. Connect the lengths of the rail that the motor will attach to. There may be a tab that needs to be facing upward, but the manual will specify if this is the case. Use a rubber mallet to tap the pieces together if they do not fit easily.

  3. Attach the rail to the motor
  4. Attach the rail using the hardware included. Install the chain spreader and the chain. Tighten the chain then determine where the header bracket needs to go. Install it.

  5. Attach rail and complete the installation
  6. Attach the end of the rail opposite the motor to the header bracket. Use the ladder to hold the motor up while lining up the sensor with the door. Hang the motor and install the door control, then the light and lens on the motor, emergency rope and the door bracket. Adjust the settings until the door opens and closes properly.