How Do You Install CertainTeed Vinyl Siding?


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Lowe's recommends giving special attention to ensuring the flexibility of the vinyl panels when installing CertainTeed vinyl siding. Avoid attaching panels so tightly that they cannot self-adjust for changes in temperature and wind.

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Prior to installing CertainTeed vinyl siding, Lowe's advises placing appropriate insulation on the studs by using house wrap, sheathing or builder's felt to create a flat, secure surface to which the siding can attach. Use additional waterproofing material and tape, as the vinyl itself is not completely waterproof.

Next, determine a reference line at about 1/4 inch above the base of the house using a chalk line and a leveler if necessary. Create a starter strip along this line. When nailing the siding, begin in the center of the panel and move outward. Use manufacturer-provided corner posts and J-channels to smoothly attach siding around the corners. Keep the nails in the center of the slots to allow for expansion and contraction as the weather changes. Hammer the nails straight in at a 90 degree angle only.

For windows and doors, leave space between the siding for adding trim later. Also, leave space below the roof for trim and cornice molding. The type of trim to be used determines the necessary gap.

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