How Do You Install Ceramic Tile on Stairs?

To install ceramic tile on stairs, first ensure that the risers and treads are level and then apply a mortar bed. Next, apply the tiles using the thin-set method and grout to finish the job. Ceramic tile can cover stairs made of wood, concrete or steel.

The installation process is fairly simple and straightforward. To install the tile:

  1. Ensure the steps are level
  2. Check that the risers and treads are level on the stairs.

  3. Apply the mortar bed
  4. Working from the top of the stairs to the bottom, first apply the mortar bed to the riser, then apply to the tread. Ensure the mortar beds are smooth before moving down the staircase, and then apply the mortar beds to the landings.

  5. Again, ensure the steps are level
  6. Check that the mortar bed did not affect the overall dimensions of the steps, and ensure that the beds are consistent and in line.

  7. Lay the tile
  8. Allow the mortar beds to cure and fully dry, then install the tiles using the thin set method. Use a level and a wood straightedge to ensure the tiles remain level and that the riser and tread dimensions are not compromised throughout installation. Follow the instructions on the bag to allow the tiles to cure before moving to the next step.

  9. Apply the grout
  10. Apply the grout between the tiles and allow to cure, following the instructions on the bag, and then apply a grout sealer to protect the surface.