How Do You Install Ceramic Floor Tile?

How Do You Install Ceramic Floor Tile?

How Do You Install Ceramic Floor Tile?

Install ceramic floor tile by cutting and laying the cement board, snapping chalk lines, applying adhesive, laying the tiles, cutting tiles for the room's edges, and adding grout and sealant. You need ceramic tile, a wet saw, a cement board, adhesive, chalk lines, sealant, a grout float and grout.

  1. Lay the cement board

    Measure the dimensions of the room. Use the dimensions to cut the cement board to the appropriate size. Lay the cement board, and add screws every 6 inches along the edges of the board.

  2. Snap chalk lines

    Mark the center of each wall, and snap two chalk lines that intersect in the middle of the room. This is the center point and starting point for the tile.

  3. Add adhesive

    Add adhesive to a section of the cement board. Start at one corner of the intersecting chalk lines.

  4. Lay the tile

    Press the ceramic tile on the adhesive. Add spacers as needed between each piece of tile for the grout lines.

  5. Repeat the process

    Start in the center of the room and work out, repeating the adhesive and tile-laying process until only the perimeter of the room remains.

  6. Cut the tiles

    Using a wet saw, cut the tiles to fit around obstructions and the room’s perimeter. Add adhesive, and lay the cut tile.

  7. Spread the grout

    Spread the grout in the spaces between tiles using a grout float. Remove any excess grout using a sponge.

  8. Add the sealant

    Apply sealant after the grout dries.