How Do You Install Ceiling Tiles?

How Do You Install Ceiling Tiles?

How Do You Install Ceiling Tiles?

To tile a ceiling, you need ceiling tiles, nails, a hammer, an industrial stapler, chalk and adhesive. Measure the ceiling, cut tiles if needed and attach ceiling tiles using either adhesive or furring strips. The entire process could take up to 72 hours.

  1. Decide how to apply the tiles

    Use adhesive to secure the tiles on sturdy and smooth ceilings. For ceilings that have cracked plaster or any other defects, nail or staple the tile into furring strips.

  2. Measure the ceiling for border tiles

    Measure the vertical length of the ceiling from wall to wall. If the length is not an even measurement, add 12 to the number of inches remaining, and divide that number by two. This number is the width at which the border tile needs to be cut. Continue the same measuring process for the wall-to-wall width of the ceiling.

  3. Apply the tiles with adhesive

    To apply tiles using adhesive, spot check by applying a few tiles to make sure that the adhesive does not damage the surface, and re-examine the situation after 48 hours. Make marks along the ceiling to show where the border tiles need to go. Apply the border tiles to one side of the ceiling, and keep the length and width measurements in mind. Install the full-sized tiles to fill the entire ceiling, and then apply the remaining border tiles.

  4. Apply tiles with furring strips

    Using a stud finder, determine whether the ceiling has joists from an existing ceiling, and mark the joists. Nail 1-by-3-inch furring strips across each joist at a right angle. Place the next furring strip so the distance between the wall and strip is the same width as the border tile. Place each furring strip parallel to the previous strip, and nail it into position. Determine if any tiles need to be cut. Staple tiles to furring strips, starting at one end of the ceiling using border strips. Apply border molding to complete the process.