How Do You Install Ceiling Lights?


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To install a ceiling light, first mark the spot where you want to place it. Use the stud finder to determine the presence of any ceiling joists that causes any obstruction to the installation. Do the necessary adjustments to avoid a nearby joist.

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How Do You Install Ceiling Lights?
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Place the ceiling mount-box centered on the ceiling mark and trace around. Use the drywall saw to remove the drywall within the marked area.

Mark the area of installation for the switch by tracing the switch box. Saw the drywall away. Place a length of non-metallic cable from the wall switch location to the hole cut for the ceiling mount-box. Feed the cable into the mount-box, and mount the box on the ceiling. Install the mounting bracket of the light fixture on the ceiling box.

Make the wire connections between the fixture and the ceiling box. Connect the black ceiling wire to the black fixture wire and the white ceiling wire to the white fixture wire. Connect the bare copper or green ceiling wire to the copper fixture wire. Secure each wire set with its respective wire connector, and wrap electrical tape around.

Push the wires into the ceiling box, and secure the light fixture to the mounting bracket. Insert the light bulb of an appropriate rating, and install the fixture cover.

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