How Do You Install a Ceiling Fan and Light?


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The process of installing a ceiling fan involves removing the existing light fixture, replacing the existing electrical box, installing the ceiling medallion and mounting plate, assembling the fan components, and wiring the fan and light before attaching the blades. For safety purposes, always disconnect power at the breaker before working with any wires that may carry electrical current.

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How Do You Install a Ceiling Fan and Light?
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Remove the existing light fixture by unscrewing the retaining nut or mounting screws and disconnecting the attached wires. Remove and replace the existing electrical box, using a saw to widen the hole as needed. Position and mount the ceiling medallion using adhesive glue or the appropriate mounting hardware. Install the mounting plate and pull the electrical wires through the center ensuring the wires are the proper length for the fan and light.

Assemble the fan components pulling the motor wires through the center of the canopy and through a hollow down-rod pipe. Mount the pipe to the top of the fan motor and then attach the assembly to one side of the mounting plate. Attach the fan motor and lighting wires before attaching the assembly to the other side of the mounting plate to secure it. Attach the blades and lighting shades before restoring power to test the operation of the fan.

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