How Do You Install a Ceiling Fan?


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To install a ceiling fan, turn the power off to the existing light fixture at the power source, test the fixture with a circuit breaker to ensure the power is off, and disconnect the wiring from the existing light fixture to remove it. Assemble the ceiling fan motor, top housing, canopy and trim ring, connect the wiring, and complete the fan assembly according to the manufacturer's instructions. After assembling and securing the fan, turn it on to test it.

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Check local regulations to ensure a permit isn't need to install the ceiling fan, and check the existing wiring and fixture box to ensure it is compatible with the ceiling fan. The fixture box may have a recommended fan-weight limit inscribed inside it.

Install a new fixture box if necessary, and place a brace between two ceiling joists to support the fan if other supports aren't available. Install the mounting bracket before wiring the fan to the fixture box, and use the provided screws to secure the fan motor.

Attach the fan blades and pendants or pull strings after securing the canopy and motor to the ceiling. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific directions to properly assemble, secure and wire the ceiling fan, as models vary in their assembly.

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