How Do You Install a Ceiling Fan Brace?

install-ceiling-fan-brace Credit: Niels Busch/Cultura/Getty Images

A ceiling fan brace is necessary when it is not possible to mount a ceiling fan directly to the side of a joist. Installing the brace involves cutting through the ceiling drywall to place brace, and it takes less than an hour. The materials required for the task are the brace kit, a tape measure, stud finder, pencil and drywall saw.

  1. Measure to find placement of fan

    Measure to find the center of the room, and mark with a pencil. Use the stud finder to make sure there are no ceiling joists directly above the ceiling fan location. Center the metal electrical box that comes with the brace kit on the pencil mark, and trace the shape of the ceiling box.

  2. Put brace in location and secure

    Use a drywall saw to cut a hole in the ceiling in the shape of the pattern drawn. Remove any insulation and push the brace through. Line it up so that each end faces the nearest joist. Unscrew the brace open until the ends create a secure bond to the sides of the nearby joists, keeping the brace centered in the opening.

  3. Secure electrical box

    Connect U-shaped bracket to brace, punch out wire hole in electrical box, pull ceiling electrical wires through it and screw electrical box to the U-shaped bracket. The brace is now ready for the ceiling fan.