How Do You Install Cedar Shake Siding?

How Do You Install Cedar Shake Siding?

In order to install cedar shake siding, first remove the existing siding, then install insulation and flashing, measure and create a plan for the installation, install the starter row and begin installation at the bottom and work up. Make any necessary structural repairs before installing the cedar shingles.

In order to install cedar shake siding:

  1. Remove the existing siding
  2. Leave the existing siding on as long as possible and remove when ready. Repair any damage on the house before continuing.

  3. Install insulation and flashing
  4. Once the exterior is repaired, wrap the house with insulation and install door, window, skirt, band board and fascia flashing. Flashing is necessary as it helps prevent moisture from entering the walls.

  5. Plan
  6. Create a plan for the siding installation and measure and cut the shingles to fit. Use the first few shingles as a model for the remaining pieces.

  7. Install the starter row
  8. Along the bottom of the wall, use a nail gun to install the starter strip of cedar shingles. Then, use a chalk line to snap a level guide line across the starter strip. Install the next layer of shingles along this line.

  9. Work up the wall
  10. Install the remaining shingles in rows up the sides of the house. Stagger the shingles or install in even rows, depending on personal preference.