How Do You Install Carpet Tiles?

How Do You Install Carpet Tiles?

Install carpet tiles by starting at the center of the room, pressing the tiles into place, and cutting the tiles to fit properly. The length of this project depends on the room size. You need carpet squares, measuring tape, a pencil, a utility knife and chalk.

  1. Find the center of the room

    Mark the center point of each wall by measuring the length and dividing that number by two. From one end of the wall, measure to that divided number, and mark the spot. Repeat the process for all the walls.

  2. Snap chalk lines

    Measure a tile, and divide that number by two. Measure that divided number from each side of the mark you made, and make two new marks. Use these marks to snap chalk lines from wall to wall for all four walls. You should have a square the size of the tile in the middle between chalk lines.

  3. Place the first tile

    Remove the backing of the tile, and press the adhesive side into the center square of the floor.

  4. Decide on a pattern

    Decide on a carpet pattern by placing the tiles on the floor before removing the backing.

  5. Place the rest of the tiles

    Remove the backing, and press the rest of the tiles in place.

  6. Cut the tiles on the edges to fit

    Measure the edges of the room by the walls that are too small to fit a single tile, and cut the remaining tiles to fit using a utility knife.