How Do You Install Can Lights?


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To install can lights, determine an appropriate location, cut an appropriately sized hole, run electrical connections, install the recessed light, double check the connections, and screw in a light bulb. The process can take a couple of days.

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  1. Find the optimal location

    Install the recessed fixture in a position that gives the most amount of light to the desired section of the room. Find an electrical supply nearby with adequate amperage.

  2. Cut the hole for the fixture

    Using either the included template or the recessed fixture, trace the required hole. Use either a drywall saw or a jigsaw to cut the opening. Remove any insulation that interferes with the installation process.

  3. Run the electrical supply wiring

    Following local code, install the proper length and gauge wiring for the fixture. Properly tighten all connections. If necessary, hire an experienced professional to help with this step.

  4. Install the can light

    Using the included supports, secure the fixture in the ceiling. Connect the electrical supply to the light, and install any trim pieces.

  5. Double check all electrical components

    Make sure all electrical connections are secure and properly cabled. Make sure there are no kinks or bends in the wiring.

  6. Choose and install a light bulb

    Pick the right bulb for the space. Flood lights cover more area, and spot lights can be used to highlight a specific piece. Screw in the chosen bulb, and wipe away any fingerprints or oils that can reduce the bulb's lifespan.

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