How Do You Install Cabinet Knobs?


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Install cabinet knobs by marking the holes for the knobs with a template and drilling through the mark with a drill bit the same size as the cabinet knob's screw. Place the screw in the hole from the back side of the cabinet, and tighten the knob onto the screw from the front side until it rests flush with the face of the cabinet.

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The placement of a cabinet knob can affect the functionality and the appearance of the cabinet. Placement of most lower cabinet knobs is in the top corner of the unhinged side of the cabinet, while placement of upper cabinet knobs is generally in the bottom corner of the unhinged side of the cabinet. Drawer knobs often appear in the center of the drawer. Placement may vary depending upon the preference of the homeowner and the style of the cabinet knob.

To ensure the drilled hole is not too large for the screw, start with a small drill bit, gradually increasing the size of the bit until the screw fits through the hole. Avoid applying pressure to the front of the cabinet with the drill. This can cause the wood to splinter on the back side of the cabinet.

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