How Do You Install Cabinet Hinges?


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To install cabinet hinges, drill a hole 5 inches from the top and another 10 inches from the bottom, both on the cabinet and on the door. Disconnect the cabinet and door sections of the hinge, and screw them onto the predrilled holes, then attach the door.

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Use the hinge to mark the distance of hinge holes from the edge of the cabinet. Mark the spots where the hinges rest, 5 inches from the top and 10 inches from the bottom respectively. For tall doors, add a third spot equidistant from the two points. Drill out the recess for the hinge using a 1 17/64-inch bit, taking care not to drill a deep hole. Use a combination square to draw a reference line on the top of the cabinet to guide you when fixing the door.

Screw the back plate of the hinges to the cabinet. Leave the screws slightly loose to allow for minor adjustments if required. Attach the door to the cabinet, and screw it slightly to allow room for adjustment. Cabinet hinges have internal screws that allow for alignment of the door with the face of the cabinet. Using the reference line, adjust the height, depth and angle of the door so that it sits flush on the cabinet.

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