How do you install a brick patio?


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To install a brick patio, measure and dig the patio area, test the patio brick layout, construct the patio foundation, level the area, lay the bricks, and seal the gaps between the bricks. You need a measuring tape, a shovel, brick pavers, sand and a screed to complete the installation. Landscape fabric, a broom and a garden hose are also handy.

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Use the measuring tape to measure the patio area after determining how much space the patio should cover. After measuring the patio area, dig and remove soil, creating an area that is 8 inches deep, taking care to leave the ground at a slope that facilitates water runoff. Testing the brick layout helps to adjust the dimensions of the patio area to ensure that the pavers fit in the area, leaving space for brick edging. Removing the bricks from the area after testing the layout allows for foundation construction.

Construct the foundation by laying the brick edging along the outer section of the dug area, pouring a 4-inch layer of crushed stones over the area and covering the area with the fabric, which prevents weeds from growing on the patio. To level the area, pour a 2-inch sand layer on top of the fabric, and use the screed to evenly distribute the sand. After leveling the area, lay the bricks according to the chosen layout. Brush sand into the brick gaps using the broom, and wet the sand to secure it in the gaps.

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