How Do You Install Brick Molding?

Install brick molding by cutting it to size, miter cutting the corners and using adhesive and nails to attach it. You need adhesive, caulk, nails, a hammer, paint, a miter saw and brick molding. You can complete the installation of brick molding in one day.

  1. Measure the opening

    Measure around the top of the opening, and add 8 inches to the measurement. This allows extra length for miter cuts. Measure around one side of the opening, allowing 4 extra inches for a miter cut at the top of the side piece. Use this same measurement for the other side.

  2. Purchase and cut the brick molding

    Purchase brick molding to match these measurements. Cut one end of the top piece at a 45-degree angle with the miter saw. Match the short side of this cut to the inner corner of the top of the opening. Measure from the short side to the inner corner of the other side of the door. Mark this measurement on the molding, and begin the short side of the miter cut at that mark. Miter cut one corner of each side piece to fit, cutting the other end straight across for doors or with a miter cut for windows.

  3. Attach the brick molding

    Glue the brick molding down using adhesive. Nail the brick molding in at the corners.

  4. Caulk and paint the molding

    Caulk any nail holes, and paint the brick molding.