How Do I Install Brick Landscape Edging?


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To install brick landscape edging, dig a trench, add landscaping fabric and sand, lay the bricks, tamp them down, pack sand between them, and compact the soil. This one-day process requires a shovel, landscaping fabric, a knife, a mallet, a level, a trowel, sand, bricks and a tamper.

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  1. Dig a trench

    Decide where you want the border of the brick edging to be, and mark that line by slicing into the soil with the point of a shovel. Dig a 4-inch trench, using the shovel incision as a guide.

  2. Line the trench with landscaping fabric and sand

    Cover the trench with landscaping fabric, and remove the excess with a utility knife. Pour sand over the fabric, and tamp it down until it forms a smooth, compact surface.

  3. Install the bricks

    Lay the bricks over the sand. Tap them with a mallet to drive them into the sand. Set a level on top of the bricks, and use the mallet to adjust them until the surface is flat.

  4. Pack sand between the bricks

    Remove the level, and pour sand over the bricks. Use the back of the shovel head to wedge the sand between the bricks. Keep adding and packing the sand until the bricks are firmly in place.

  5. Compact the surrounding soil

    Use a trowel to press the surrounding soil up against the bricks.

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