How Do You Install Blacktop Asphalt?


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To install blacktop asphalt, measure the area of installation, put gravel on the area, layer it with a few inches of hot tar, and then have the asphalt placed over it on a warm day. Allow the installation to cool for one day. One year later, coat the blacktop with a sealer, and repair any cracks.

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Begin installing blacktop asphalt by marking the installation area, such as a driveway, using chalk or a spray paint meant for marking. Then, measure the length and breadth of the area, and calculate it in square feet. Provide this data to a local contractor so that he may bring the required quantity of hot tar.

If laying the tar directly on a dirt surface, place it about 6 inches deep. To reduce the amount of tar used, first layer gravel on the area to about 4 inches in depth. Have the stone delivered by contractors from a quarry who can also spread it on the area. If installing the blacktop on a concrete surface, apply a layer of tack to ensure that the asphalt remains adhered.

Lay blacktop asphalt on a day when the temperatures are from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Have the contractors lay and compact the asphalt. This should take about one hour. Do not use the surface for at least 24 hours when the layer cools and hardens.

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