How Do You Install Bifold Doors?

To install bifold doors, mount hinges, and set up your track hardware. Install your brackets, and hang the doors. Finally, fix the door aligner and the door pulls.

  1. Prepare your tools

    If the door is to be painted, make sure that happens beforehand. Label the doors in order of installation. Mark the inner edge of the jamb 11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches from the top.

  2. Install the tracking system

    Align the bottom half of the hinges to the marks, drill in the pilot holes, and screw them into place. Next, lock in the pivot plates to the jamb side doors, screwing the locking arms to the lead door. Measure the length of your closet, and use a hacksaw to fit that length. Fit in your hanging hardware, and set it onto the door header. Do not tighten the hardware.

  3. Install the doors

    Set the floor bracket beside the jamb, matching the specific measurements of the door. Next, center the track above the bracket by aligning the pin hole. Mark the bracket's location with a pencil, screw the bracket into place, and set everything aside. Hang the first set of doors by lifting the jamb side into the pivot socket, and lock it in. Next, reinstall the floor bracket, and install the second door set. Finally, mount the door aligner and the door knobs.