How Do You Install a Bemis Toilet Seat?


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To install a standard Bemis toilet seat, position the toilet seat flat on the toilet bowl's edge, align the seat's hinges with the bowl's holes, and affix using washers and retaining nut. To install a Bemis Sta-Tite toilet seat, line up the seat hinges with the bowl's holes, and join using Sta-Tite nuts made of plastic.

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If required, begin installing a Bemis toilet seat by removing the old one. To do this, apply penetrating fluid on the retaining bolts of the existing seat, let the fluid soak for several minutes, and then remove the bolts using a wrench. Detach the toilet seat from the bowl by lifting it straight in an upward direction.

To install both the standard and Sta-Tite Bemis toilet seats, align the threaded ends of the seat's hinges with the bowl's holes located at the rear side. Position the seat so that the hinge threads jut out from the bowl's bottom side.

To affix a standard Bemis toilet seat, push in a flat washer on the bolts of the threaded hinges and a lock washer on the threads. Tighten the retaining nuts into place, alternately on either side, first with the hands and then with a wrench.

To attach the Sta-Tite Bemis toilet seat, insert the Sta-Tite nuts onto the hinge bolts' threaded ends located on the underside and towards the rear end of the toilet bowl. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts until their bases sheer off.

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