How Do You Install Beadboard?


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Install beadboard by removing trim and cutting the panels to size, overlapping panels before nailing them into place. You need panel adhesive, a tape measure, tape, a jigsaw, a pneumatic nailer and a circular saw. Small rooms can be completed in one day.

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  1. Prepare the wall

    Remove wall trim, window moldings, switch plates and any other items on the surface of the wall. Cut off the power to existing electrical boxes on the wall, and cover the holes with tape to prevent them from filling with dust.

  2. Plan, measure and cut the panels

    Mark the location of studs on the wall. Plan the placement of the end of the beadboard panel to coincide with a stud marking. Work your way around the room from a corner, moving to the right. Mark the location of any outlets or other openings on the beadboard. Cut the beadboard to height using a circular saw. Trim out any openings using a jigsaw.

  3. Install the panels

    Apply panel adhesive to the back of the first piece of beadboard. Firmly press it into place. Nail it to the studs using a pneumatic nailer. Overlap the next piece of beadboard on the right, using the lap joint to hide the seam. Reinstall trim over the rough edges when all beadboard is hung.

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