How Do You Install a Bathroom Sink?


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To install a bathroom sink, turn off the water supply, unscrew and remove the water lines, pull out the sink, caulk the sink hole, set the new sink inside, and reconnect the water lines. This 90-minute process requires a bucket, pliers, caulk, gloves and a wrench.

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  1. Turn off the water

    Put on work gloves, and turn off the sink's water supply valve. This is usually a metal knob located underneath the sink.

  2. Remove the water lines

    Put a bucket beneath the sink. Loosen the nuts on the J-shaped sink trap, pull it free, and disconnect the sink from all its pipes and hoses. Remove the bucket, and dump out the contents.

  3. Remove the sink

    Remove the bolts holding the sink in place, and pull it out from the wall.

  4. Transfer the hardware to the new sink

    Remove the faucet and knobs from the old sink, and attach them to the new one.

  5. Set the new sink in place

    Dab beads of silicone caulk around the sink hole, and lower the new sink into it. Insert the bolts, and tighten the nuts with a wrench.

  6. Reconnect the plumbing

    Connect the sink trap and plumbing lines. Tighten the connections with pliers or a wrench, and then open the water supply valve.

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