How Do You Install Bathroom Signs?


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Bathroom signs should be installed in keeping with code restrictions. Each state has its own code regarding the size, type and hanging height of bathroom signs.

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  1. Consult the state code

    States have different codes for hanging bathroom signs that dictate the size of the sign that must be hung as well as the height at which it must be hung. Some states require specific sized lettering on the signs as well as Braille lettering.

  2. Purchase the correct signs

    The selected supplier should be familiar with the various state codes for hanging bathroom signs and should be able to answer any questions concerning installation or sign specifications. In addition to knowing the codes, the vendor should clearly list in which state the sign is compliant along with the sign specifications. Signs should also be constructed of appropriate material for indoor or outdoor usage.

  3. Measure the height based on the code regulations

    Using a measuring tape, measure the height at which the signs are to be hung. Mark the spot on the wall or door where the sign is to be secured.

  4. Secure the sign to the door.

    Secure the sign to the door using the screws or bolts supplied. If possible, signs should be secured to studs for better support.

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