How Do You Install a Bathroom Shower Base?


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To install a bathroom shower base, level the bathroom's floor, position the shower base on the subfloor, and secure its flanges to the studs of the walls. Then, install the drain and a suitable wall covering, and seal the shower base's edges.

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Begin installing a bathroom shower base by ensuring that the subfloor is level. This prevents the base from cracking. If the floor is not level, apply plaster, a compound meant for leveling, or structural foam to make the surface even. Allow the leveling agent to air-dry overnight, and check the floor's level using a level. Apply the leveling agent on the uneven areas, and repeat the process till the floor is level.

When positioning the shower base on the bathroom's subfloor, align the drain with the plumbing at the center. Position the base's flanges so that they rest right in front and flush with the wall studs. If required, use shims to seal any gaps between the studs and flanges. Then, screw the flanges to the studs using wood screws.

Using the drain tool provided with the shower base, attach the drain. Ensure that the washers are positioned flat.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when installing tiles or wall covering. Seal the edges of the shower base at the point where they touch the walls using caulk, smooth the caulk by hand, and allow it to dry. Finally, test the base for any leaks by turning on the shower.

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