How Do You Install a Bathroom Fan?

How Do You Install a Bathroom Fan?

To install a bathroom fan, cut a hole for the fan between two floor joists, and connect the fan to flexible exhaust duct that vents outside. Make sure to get a fan that is suitable for the size of your bathroom.

  1. Make a hole for the vent fan

    The ideal spot for a bathroom fan is between the shower and the toilet. In the center of the area, drill a 3/8-inch hole in the ceiling. Go to the attic, and remove any insulation from around the hole. Use the hole to locate any obstructions and the floor joists. Measure the housing of the fan, and mark the hole for the fan in between two floor joists. With a jigsaw, cut out the hole.

  2. Install the bathroom fan

    Place a 4-inch duct elbow, facing up, onto the side of the vent fan, and secure it with foil duct tape. Add a cable connector to the knock out hole, located on the side of the fan. Insert a metal bracket into each of the four tabs that extend out from the fan. From the attic, install the fan down into the hole. Secure the brackets to the joists with 1 1/2-inch screws.

  3. Add an outside vent

    From the attic, select the spot for the vent hole. From the outside, drill a 4-inch hole, and add a wall cap. Use foil tape to secure flexible exhaust duct to the fan, and pull it to the outside vent. With foil duct tape, attach the duct to the wall cap. Go back outside to secure the wall cap.

  4. Finish the fan installation

    Open up the bathroom fan, and complete the wire connections to connect the fan with the electrical outlet. Once connected, attach the vent grille, and secure it to the ceiling.