How Do You Install Bathroom Ceiling Panels?


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To install bathroom ceiling panels, gather all necessary materials including the desired ceiling panels, a stapler gun, a construction-grade adhesive, staples and something to cut the panels such as a box knife. Apply adhesive to the panel, fit the panel onto the ceiling against a wall, allow panel to dry, secure the panel with staples around the edges, continue laying panels until the next wall, trim any excess panel to fit against this wall and repeat across the entire ceiling.

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The combination of adhesive and staples makes the most secure setting for the panels; however, if only one method is available, then you can use either method by itself to safely install the ceiling panels. When using adhesive, try to get construction-grade, but if this is unavailable use any extra-strong waterproof adhesive. After using any type of adhesive, hold the panel in place and allow time for the panel to set and the adhesive to dry. If staples or a staple gun are not available, use a drill and screws.

For extra security and support, add trim to the top of the bathroom wall just beneath the layer of tiles. This extra structure can help keep the edge panels in place.

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