How Do You Install Basic Storage Rack Shelves?


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The process for installing basic storage rack shelves depends on the style of shelf, with wall- or ceiling-mounted shelving racks requiring drills and screws to securely attach to the appropriate surface and a drill to make proper guide holes. Freestanding shelving racks typically feature specific installation instructions that focus on attaching components together through screws or snapping mechanisms.

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To install wall-mounted shelving racks, begin by examining the wall to ensure its structural integrity, and check for the presence of studs, which are sturdy load-bearing beams that appear periodically throughout home walls. Attaching the shelves to a stud offers additional support and allows the shelves to hold heavier contents. Line up one of the wall mounting rods, anchoring it on the floor molding or ceiling, and use a level to make sure it is straight. Drill holes into the wall following the rod's hole pattern, and screw it to the wall. Repeat the procedure for the other support rods, ensuring the proper spacing for the shelves.

The process for basic ceiling-mounted racks is similar, except that it may not be possible to locate studs in the same fashion. To install freestanding shelving racks, lay out all the pieces to identity the base, top and shelf sections. Begin with the base, inserting or attacking the corner support beams according to the shelves instructions. Place the shelves into the structure as necessary, and affix the top shelf to lock them all in place.

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