How Do You Install a Basement Window Well?


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Install a prefabricated window well by placing the well in front of the window and marking its outline on the grass with a shovel. Remove the well, and dig out enough soil for the installation. Clean the wall, and attach the well using masonry fasteners. Backfill the area behind the well by adding a few inches of gravel topped with soil and sod.

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How Do You Install a Basement Window Well?
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Adding a window well to a basement window helps to improve the lighting in the area. Narrow wells that extend 8 inches from the foundation help to prevent an intruder from entering the home through a low window; however, if the window also serves as a safety exit, choose a well that is large enough to allow emergency egress from the home. Wells should be 6 inches wider than the window to provide room for attachment and should extend 6 inches above ground level to prevent water from flowing into the window.

Use a hammer drill to make the holes for attaching the window well to the house. Apply asphalt mastic to the area before attaching the well to prevent water seepage into the well.

After installing the well, place gravel in the bottom to increase drainage and reduce the chance of leaks. When the leaves begin to fall, place a piece of clear rigid plastic over the top of the well. The plastic prevents leaves and snow from filling the area.

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