How Do You Install a Basement Toilet?

How Do You Install a Basement Toilet?

To install a basement toilet, first install basement plumbing, assemble the toilet, and remove the knock-out flange. Install a wax ring in the flange and secure the toilet on the flange. You need locking pliers, closet bolts, nylon washers, nuts, a hacksaw and bolt caps.

  1. Install basement plumbing

    Consult a plumber or your local public works department to determine sewer-line depth and flow rates, and install all required plumbing.

  2. Assemble new toilet

    Assemble the new toilet according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Remove the knock-out flange

    Use a pair of locking pliers to remove the temporary lid covering the flange in the floor.

  4. Install the wax ring

    Install a wax ring in the center of the flange, and make sure it's secure.

  5. Install closet bolts

    Slide closet bolts into the slots on the outer rim of the flange. Secure nylon washers over each bolt.

  6. Secure the toilet over the flange

    Lift the toilet, and place it over the flange and onto the closet bolts.

  7. Secure the bolts

    Install additional washers and nuts over the closet bolts, and shorten the bolts with a hacksaw. Cover the bolts with decorative bolt caps.

  8. Attach the shut-off valve

    Attach the shut-off valve to the water supply line, and then attach the line to the toilet.

  9. Install the toilet seat

    Install the toilet seat as per the manufacturer's instructions.