How Do You Install Baseboard Molding?


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To install baseboard molding, measure the lengths of the baseboard required. Add about 10 percent to the measurement to cover possible mistakes. You need a pneumatic nail gun, pencil, miter saw, tape measure and paint to perform the task.

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When purchasing the baseboard, chose a baseboard that fits well with the room decor. Use a tape measure to determine the size of baseboard to fit the first wall. Use the miter saw to cut at each end that meets another molding piece at a corner.

Use a straight cut to match lengths along a wall and angled cuts for corners that meet in 90-degree angles. Use a mitered saw for straight and angled cuts. To produce the 90-degree corners, cut two 45-degree angled cuts, and then join them together.

Place the baseboards flat against the wall. Locate the studs using a stud finder, and then attach the board to the wall using a pneumatic gun. Use a single 2-inch finishing nail for each stud to keep the baseboard in place. Finish up by filling each nail hole with wood putty and wiping away excess putty to achieve a smooth application. Wait for the putty to dry, and then paint the baseboard as required.

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